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Republic Wake Park Nuvali wakeboarding experience: Before we arrived.

Has there been any point in your life when you told someone, "I want to do something I've never done before". Well, if you're adventurous, it's really nice to widen your comfort zone every now and then and if you're one of those people, I hope you've tried wake boarding.

Camarines Sur somehow requires a big budget for you to really enjoy a good wake boarding experience, your fare and accommodation eats up around 70% of your expenses. I'll share a place where you don't need to stay overnight and is just 1 bus ride away.

Laguna, part of the CALABARZON region of the Philippines (CAvite, LAguna, BAtangas, Rizal and queZON - in case you'd forget, hello grade school) home to Nuvali Republic Wakepark; the more affordable and nearer option for wake boarding.

Me and my friend Jean have been to the place twice and is still craving for more experience, and no, we're not YET pros :) I like arranging presentations in a chronological order, so shall it be for this post.

Here's what we did to go to the place, which we advise not to take (because there's a shortcut below) but in case if you're in the same situation, might as well take it. It'll bring you to the place anyway.
  • We went to SM Makati to buy our outfit for the trip (because we do not fit anymore to our old ones). So from Ayala, we took the bus bound to Pacita, drop off at Pacita (duh?) Trip is not that short, probably around 45 to 60 minutes depending on traffic. Fare is around 50.00 or lower.
    • TIP: Prepare in advance, so you'll have more time for the trip and so that you don't have to cram for your outfit.
  • From Pacita, we took the jeepney bound for "Complex". It'll be quiet a trip especially if your driver keeps on stopping at every corner. Fare's at 8.00 as far as I could remember :)
  • When you're at the complex, ask for the tricycles going to Nuvali (or as they say it, Nobali), tell the driver that you're going to Republic Wakepark. If you're taking the special tricycle (Note: the tricycles need to have 4 or 5 passengers before it could take off, if  there's just the 2 of you and you already want to go, that's what they call "special") you'll have to pay the amount of 4 passengers. Regular fare is at 25.00, if special they might ask for 60.00 or 75.00, your negotiation skills is best tested here.
    • TIP: Take someone whom you'll not have to "take care" of, so both of you or the whole group can enjoy the trip well ("take care" - maaaarte)
  • You're almost there, but not yet. The driver will drop you off at Solenad 1 (there's also Solenad 2, just near). When you're there, you need to purchase their coupon-like paper money as payment for the shuttle. Like this below, the "maximum" amount is 10 credits. The rest of the charge can be paid through cash in the shuttle or bus, fare is at 35.00 in total (10.00 from credit and 25.00 cash to the driver). Forgive us, but there's no specific schedule of their shuttle buses and vans pick ups, the definite is, shuttles are only until 7PM. 
    • TIP: Get the contact number of the driver so you'll have security that you wont get left behind, although they will not, its still best to be sure. If you'll bring a car, its the best to decision to take. There are other posts that has directions if in private vehicle, sorry, you can only trust me with commuters directions :)
      • Solenad 1 - has the electric shuttles which will take you to Solenad 2.
      • Solenad 2 - has the buses and vans that will take you Republic Wakepark.

Here's the look of their shuttles.

Here's the look from their bus, sorry no picture inside but it has a restroom and state-of-the-art design, more of a coaster type but larger (around 40 to 60 pax)

Hep! Let's go back to SM Makati part - you can skip that part and just go to LRT Buendia and find the BBL terminal (just along the DLTB terminal) and ride the bus going to Balibago Complex. Then find the tricycles and so on.

In Solenad 1, they have these following activities for a price which I forgot to take note of. But for sure it is something affordable :)

  • Fishing feeds for Koi fishes
  • Biking
  • Boat ride (need to have 6 persons)

Solenad 1 also has many restaurants and cafes to dig in like Brothers Burgers, Starbucks, Conti's Bakeshop and more. Its also home to this big Convergys building.

Here's the map for reference, you'll see this on every shuttle stop in Solenad 1.

NOTE: This trip took place last January to February 2013.

I'll stop here and continue in another post for a pure wakeboarding content :)

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