Sunday, February 10, 2013

Republic Wake Park Nuvali wakeboarding experience: When we were there.

Ready for the real deal?

Here's their full "menu" for you to savor.

Few notes below:
  • They're now open until 10PM from Mondays to Sundays.
  • The deposit fee is now P800.00 and no need for ID as they will take a picture of you.
  • their is a waiver form which you can sign only once on your first time, on your nexy visit you have just have to sign the Registration form.
  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside even water. They have their own stuff inside which we also didn't note of the prices because we didn't purchase anything anyway.
  • If you're planning to get drunk, they also have a bar. Prices? Just prepare a budget enough for you to get drunk.
  • If you'll be doing the sport, remember that you'll get wet. So bring your toiletries and towel to get you dry as there aren't supplies available for rent; yet - I hope.
  • This park is very new, had it opening just last year. There are many areas for opportunity and it will be lovely to see their improvements for the rest of the year.
  • They also have a pool, which is at 120.00 per head unlimited time (until closing only). Didn't check the depth but its circular and in an elevated place (not together with the lakes for wake boarding).
Here's the rented helmet and life vest which of course should be returned in the condition you received them.

Here's the bird's view of the place. There are 2 parts in this wake park; the obviously biggest part (circular with a small land in the middle) is the one with the ramps of course we can label this as the best for the pros and the smaller one in the left side is the small man-made lake for the beginners; like us.

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More tips!
  • If you can, go on a weekday to prevent the long lines.
  • Best time is the night ride (6:30PM onwards). Get the view of the sunset and most people are going home (probably seasonal too).
On our first trip, we arrive around 6PM so we had the night ride, first there were 5 of us then the 3 boys transferred to the bigger lake and there were literally just me and my friend, taking turns totaling to 6 or 7 turns. On our second trip, we arrived a little earlier, around 4PM, there were I think 6 of us and 7 more other guests. We only had 3 turns.

If its your first time, and you really want to try, don't be afraid of the water because it's shallow and you're wearing a life vest; you'll float anyway. The staff are really friendly and I believe for the nature of their job, has a very long patience in teaching and motivating the guests to be able to reach the other end still being on the board. As for me, it took around 6 tries in total before I finally reached the end. 

The trick? You have to try it so you can manipulate your moves. We can really say a lot but its your experience that will make a lot of difference. And I hope, like we did, you'll never stop until you reach the other end and back.

Here's my friend Jean for our first time wake boarding.

They call this the slip on board, because well, you slip on your feet.
Used for the beginners, the pros were the ones in shoes type.
Their official partner with the gears is none other than: Liquid Force.

So, plan ahead, invite your adventurous friends, save up and pray for your safety. Rock on!

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